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About Me

My name is Amber and I am vegan. I started my vegan journey in March 2008. Initially, I became vegan because of the environment impact eating meat has on the world. So, I became vegetarian. During that time, I read Skinny Bitch while doing my own research I learned about the practices of the dairy industry. I had only been vegetarian for three months before going vegan.

This was a decision that my family also decided to join me in. My son was 4 at the time and was very curious about trying out this way of eating. I felt that it should be his choice. On the other hand, my mom was a little hesitant about getting rid of dairy. We had all been big cheese eaters!! But during the years, we have found other ways of mimicking our favorite cheese dishes. Now, we all enjoy a better way of eating and can imagine why we didn’t change our ways sooner.

I hope to share my vegan creations (and yes, many of them are sandwiches, but not all) with anyone that is curious. Even if you are not vegan and just want to eat healthier, I hope these recipes will inspire you to make other healthy dishes for you and your family!


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